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The Breakfast Team play the best new and old sounds, gracing the airwaves with this weeks chat, giving away prizes and bringing you back to consciousness...


alice and steph, morning fun times!

The Breakfast Show // 05.03.10 // Alice and Steph, morning fun times!

Easing you into your Friday morning with a mix of good tunes, random facts and banterful chat. Love, team Alice and Steph :)

Posted at 10:42, 5th March 2010

stubop and butler make (a) love(ly show)

The Breakfast Show // 11.02.10

With valentine's around the corner, Stuart and Hannah play some lovely songs regarding love and chat about their worst dating experiences...

Competitions, banter and great music- What else do you need on a Thursday morning?? xx

Posted at 11:53, 12th February 2010

one too many mornings with sanketa

The Breakfast Show // 22.01.10 // One Too Many Mornings with Sanketa

Sanketa welcomes you to 20TEN! The first breakfast show presented by her in the New year...she kicks off with an electic mix of chill out music, some electronica pop and of course some of the great tracks that are dominanting the air waves...check it out and enjoy!

Posted at 10:59, 22nd January 2010

mel & nicki b: oats so simple (& so darn g

The Breakfast Show // 18.01.10 // Mel & Nicki B: Oats So Simple (& So Darn G

With the dawning of an new era (new semester, new year, new decade), we thought that we ought to bring you the very best of our new old format, that is to say, the usual fluffy goodness to get you up with a smile in the morning, but with a twist!

Our 80s vs 90s feature, where Mel & Nicki B lock horns, will now delve into any random decade past...this week sees 70s vs 00s, with the old rivalry still fierce yet softened at the edges with our usual banter.

So don't miss out on our Wooooos, Foreign Affairs, Yearly Exploits and Rose-Tinted Decades. Rise and Shine, Mel & Nicki B are here!

Posted at 20:33, 17th January 2010

stubop and butler are back...

The Breakfast Show // 14.01.10 // Stubop and Butler: A Whole New Decade

Good Morning Breakfast Show enthusiasts!

Stuart and Hannah are back on the interweb airwaves to give you a good old shake and a cup of tea to get your Thursday going...

Check out the embarrass-o-meter feature

Happy Thursdays! xxx

Posted at 10:45, 14th January 2010

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