The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 19th May 2011


The Beat Route // 1500-1600 24.02.11


Living Legends (Rennie Pilgrim mix)
Aquasky ft. Ragga Twins Passanger
Is it real?
Atomic Hooligan Functional Breaks
Parolar Del Veso (Sotty B Chavy Boys remix)
Daniel Haaksman ft. SD Boys Man
Listen Up
Will Bailey and Punk Rolla Simma
Drop the Bomb (Deekline vs Product 01 Remix)
Santero ft. Credit To The Nation Sugarbeat
Genghis Clan and Mr Catra Man
Party people (Adsorb remix)
Splitloop Against the Grain
Moombah (Afrojack mix)
Silvio Ecomo and Chuckie Dirty Dutch
Yo yo get funky (Tim healey & deekline mix)
Fast Eddie giant pussy
Elite Force and Meat Katie UA

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