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Depths & Sunshine

The Beat Route // 1500-1600 24.03.11

depths on the mic

Don't Flop Doubles battle rap finalist Depths comes through for some MCing. Never MCed over DNB before but de man bring dat shit. Check it.

Posted at 17:15, 24th March 2011


redeyes ft. mutt spearhead
Amaning BS1
Bright Lights
lenzman spearhead
Babylon Rising
dj fresh and pendulum ft. Singing Fats breakbeat kaos
Still Grey
pendulum breakbeat kaos
Japanese Electronics
commix Metalheadz
String City
lenzman fokuz
Love, Hope and Future (Bcee & Lomax Remix)
aorta fokuz
Smooth Talker
Ross D Playloop
Emily's Smile
commix Metalheadz
S.P.Y innergound cat
Lost without you
Netsky hospital
Run Time
zero tolerance and Mosus liquid V
Reality Checkpoint
logistics hospital
Dj Marky and XRS Land innerground
Red Mist
danny byrd hospital
too bad vip
taxman Bingo

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