The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 4th May 2009

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4th May 2009
13th April 2009
30th March 2009
liberality and meanness, cruelty and clemency
16th March 2009
reason, spirit and appetite
9th March 2009
existence, causality and truth
2nd March 2009
wise, courageous, self-disciplined and just
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A show dedicated entirely to music of the post-rock genre.


as the twinkling of the the fireworks fade away...

Texture and Timbre // 19.01.09 // wisdom, reason, belief, illusion

Texture and Timbre is back for 2009 with more post-rock music. Tune in at midnight on a Sunday.

Posted at 12:00, 20th January 2009

explosive musical revolution

Texture and Timbre // 10.11.08 // solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short

"Post-rock means using rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes. Typically, post-rock pieces are lengthy and instrumental, containing repetitive build-ups of timbre, dynamics and texture."

The first show is tonight at midnight.

Posted at 15:13, 9th November 2008