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Tarantism // 2115-2310 01.03.12

beware! the ides of march...

Tonight's 1st March show could be deemed as 'damage control'.

With the next scheduled Tarantism radio show to take place in two weeks, it lands on the ill fated 15th March, famous as the date of the once great Julius Caesar's demise.

Nathan often finds himself being compared to the great Caesar... and I, personally, do not disagree. As his trusty henchman, I fear that the end may be nigh for the two of us. Resultantly, he will sit out of this show to muster up some plans of defense using his strongest trait - military tactical genius.

Alas, this therefore may be the last opportunity for our listeners to hear the music that comes from, and continually adds to, our vast record collection. I would therefore like to take the chance to do a one off show that lacks a specific theme, or pre-determined direction...

Alone, but with the aid of regular Tarantism guest, Rebenga 'FortyWinks' Dunn, I will play a collection of the tracks and vinyl I have been buying recently, as well as a few old tunes which have crept back into my daily listening.

Will we be here in two weeks time?

What do the Ides of March have in store for Tarantism?

Does Nathan have crabs?

Et tu, Brute?

Posted at 16:21, 1st March 2012


Das Moor
Wolfgang Voigt Mille Plateaux
CORRECTION : contrary to what I said, Voigt's GAS album was released AFTER the earlier Konigsforst and Zauberberg albums.
Bela Lugosi's Dead
Bauhaus Small Wonder
Baba (Doctor L Remix)
Ibrahim Hamma Dicko Frikyiwa
Myrtle Avenue
Floating Points Eglo
So Will Be Now
John Talabot ft. Poinal Permanent Vacation
LAVA HOUSE (Forty Winks Bootleg)
Lil Boosie White Label
Original LAVA HOUSE Freestyle Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39m3Yi3hORc
Mystic Voyage (Pepe Bradock Remix)
Roy Ayers Barely Breaking Even
Reality (Killing Every ... )
Black Moon Wreck
Alpha Aaliya
Mermaids White Label
Your Mind (Passion)
Jackmaster Hater Warehouse Box Tracks
(Un-named) Strange and Gloomy
Kerri Chandler White Label
Lay My Soul (work in progress)
denney White Label
Chapter 3
Joe Gibbs and The Professionals Joe Gibbs
Beggerman (Crazy P Remix)
Smoove and Turrel Beggarman
All Stylz Anthem
Styly Cee Son
Want You
Harvey McKay soma
Boogie in your Butt
Eddie Murphy Columbia

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