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coton tige

Coton Tige is a Parisian label born from the minimal techno emancipation. It was set up in 2006 by Thomas Clapin (a.k.a. Ekomine) and a number of his friends, and over the past 6 years the label has continued to grow as a family. A family of very talented people indeed.

Part of the INTERFACE PLUS collective, Coton Tige represents the music label sub-department. They work alongside their booking agency, Velvet, and their visuals team, NYX. NYX add invaluably to their events with incredibly impressive visual installations that have been seen to stretch across huge 3-dimensional screens the size of a double-decker bus. This professional and artistic approach to clubbing has earned the collective a very positive Europe-wide reputation, supplemented by the Coton Tige artists' quality productions.

Tonight, on Tarantism, we have the privilege of speaking with Thomas, the label co-founder, and ask him a few questions about Coton Tige (and it's odd but humorous choice of name), NYX visuals and, of course, what the electronic music scene is like in their hometown of Paris.

We are also pleased to bring you a recording of the label's first promotional podcast: a live set from Berlin-based Coton Tige artist, and Stattbad resident, Damien K. Sahri. Damien is a compulsive traveller, and you can feel it in his music. His influences spread from rock'n’roll and jazz to techno music, but also from latino percussion to all kinds of exotic shakers and cymbals. Through recording all kinds of acoustic and analogue instruments, Damien produces a unique sound that gives him a very independent identity. This live act is a small preview of his hard studio work, and is the result of extensive research towards a multitude of different musical horizons.

Damien's live set will be sandwiched by a suitably minimal mix from the Tarantism DJs... focusing, of course, on the label's own releases.


- Coton Tige Website
- Coton Tige Soundcloud

- NYX Visuals Website
- Interface Plus Website
- Velvet Agency Website

- Ekomine Soundcloud
- Damien K. Sahri Soundcloud

Posted at 15:19, 27th March 2012


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