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3rd June 2013
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Tarantism // 1900-2000 03.04.12


Philanthrobeats is a newly formed charity organisation which will be running club-nights and arts events in the city of Glasgow. Working in collaboration with the city’s most experienced and respected promoters, we aim to use music and art as tools to bring people together under a common goal - to raise money for others who need it most.


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Philanthrobeats presents…

Mount Heart Attack Mia Dora (DJ Set) Denney & FortyWinks (Live) Tarantism

£4 * o.t.d.

Thursday 5th April Chambre69, Glasgow

*All proceeds go to Amnesty International

Launching on Thursday 5th April, our club events will take place at Chambre69 on the first Thursday of each month. Our mission is to spread the wealth as evenly as possible through enabling the promoters we collaborate with to raise the money for the charity of their choice. This first night, however, the music will be curated by ourselves (a team of experienced promoters, journalists, PRs and a legion of enthusiastic helpers), and will act as a celebration of the wide variety of artistic talent that Glasgow has to offer, both musical and visual. We have therefore chosen a patchwork of acts to represent the city’s different sounds, which will be supplemented by a collection of artwork all focused on a common theme.

All proceeds from this event will go to Amnesty International, a charity dedicated to eradicating social injustice and the breach of human rights on a world-wide scale.


Posted at 18:52, 3rd April 2012


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Working the Illusion (Greg Wilson Mash-up)
Imagination & Missy Elliot White Label
Think Twice
The Detroit Experiment Ropeadope
It's 4:20
Robbie Akbal & Muan Get Physcial
Sage comme une Image (Bottin edit)
Lio White Label

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