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Tarantism 2013
3rd June 2013
Tarantism 62 - MWX
11th February 2013
ONE BILLION RISING - Philanthrobeats & Rubix
14th January 2013
Tarantism 61 - Madame Tussaud's Waxy Secrets
26th November 2012
15th November 2012
Tarantism 60 - Mr. Fabulous
1st November 2012
Tarantism 59 - Credit To The Edits
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Tarantism are a duo if music enthusiasts from Glasgow who believe in accepting all types of sound regardless of origin. Their expansive and eclectic taste in music spans from 60's experimental psychedelia, to blues, to house and through to the most recent contemporary and experimental releases in electronic music.

From mixing house and techno to speaking in depth about the history of blues, Tarantism jump from genre to genre amongst some banal and heinous chat. Sit back, relax and listen...



Tarantism // 03.06.13 // Tarantism 62 - MWX

After a(nother) lengthy haitus, we're back for another installment of Tarantism. Tonight, we're welcoming friend and multitalented DJ/designer/artist, MWX, to the Subcity studio!

MWX has been playing tunes for a number of years, most notably through her own promotion, Hot City, which spanned from Aberdeen to Glasgow and brought a blend of spacey visual and aural stimulus to the dancefloor. Now, working alongside Glasgow stalwart Hushpuppy (formerly of R-P-Z), she brings a medley of of disco, italo and cosmic space jams to the ears of revellers at her new club-night, Maxi Dance Pool. Last month's party at Basura Blanca (Brunswick Hotel) was amazing, so we're really excited to hear what she brings to the studio tonight.


Find out more about MWX here!

Posted at 15:02, 3rd June 2013

one billion rising - philanthrobeats & rubix

Tarantism // 11.02.13 // ONE BILLION RISING - Philanthrobeats & Rubix

Rubix and Philanthrobeats are teaming up to bring a musical celebration to the Sub Club on 14th February in support of V-Day: a global movement to end violence against women and girls worldwide.

V-Day, an anti-violence agains women charity started by Eve Ensler, is organising One Billion Rising this year to mark their 15th anniversary. The concept is simple: a global strike, an invitation to dance and a call to men and women who refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends. It is a refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a given. All proceeds from our event will go to V-Day and One Billion Rising.

This week we'll be playing host to representatives from both the Philanthrobeats and Rubix camps to discuss what we're all about and why we're so into this idea. Also, we'll be giving you a wee preview of some of the music you can expect to boogie to on Thursday

Facebook event:

Posted at 19:27, 11th February 2013

mme. tussaud's waxy secrets

Tarantism // 14.01.13 // Tarantism 61 - Madame Tussaud's Waxy Secrets

For the first show of 2013, we will be playing a show exclusively from our vinyl collections. Whilst we play the odd vinyl here and there, we have never really done a show to fully appreciate the classical DJing format - wax.

We'll bring to the table our usual mix of everything, from house to rock to a few wildcards! Enjoy.

Posted at 14:53, 14th January 2013

bigfoot's strikes 4 !

Tarantism // 26.11.12 // BIGFOOT'S STRIKES 4

This one-off Tarantism broadcast plays host to our friends at Bigfoot's Tea Party, a club-night famed not only for its brilliant resident DJs and visual shows, but also for its lack of convention when it comes to venues across the country. Parties have taken place in clubs, bars, falafel restaurants, coffee shop basements, laundrettes and abandoned fish factories.

This December we are celebrating four years of this carnage with two parties, one featuring Christian Burkhardt at the famous Glasgow warehouse SWG3, followed a week later by an all night session at Snafu with Andrew Weatherall & Ivan Smagghe, two of the best DJs to ever walk the earth.

In Bigfoot's own words, they are in debt to everyone who has danced, aided and abetted, or just sat and stared blankly at them over the last 48 months, and would like to use this as an opportunity to thank those very people. It is safe to say that they are going to go for a big one to mark this milestone...

Posted at 14:57, 26th November 2012

mr. fabulous

Tarantism // 15.11.12 // Tarantism 60 - Mr. Fabulous

Tonight, meet Mr. Fabulous ...

* DJ alias of Tarantism's Nathan *

... as he tries to translate his elusive ethos

Expect a spontaneous and continuous blend of Cosmic House, Seaside Disco, Abstract Funk & other ambiguous sounds ...

Posted at 20:05, 15th November 2012

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