The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 10th June 2011

Benzene vs Jack

Symbiosis // 2000-2200 15.10.10


calaco jack 2000-2100
Survival, DLR, octane renegade hardware
Alpha Centauri
raiden renegade hardware
hypnotic state
cymatic renegade hardware
Siren Ram
loose ends
Noisia and Alix Perez Shogun
king stays king
raiden and Khanage Offkey
up all night
John B Metalheadz
turn the page
craggz & parallel forces product
funktion (remix)
Ed Rush and Optical v
it gets rough sometimes
btk and Meth renegade hardware
strange science
phace shadybrain
generation lost
optiv shadybrain
link to the past
loadstar Ram
moneytrain VIP
state of mind SOM
back in the grind
DLR and Octane Dispatch
stand alone
gremlinz and Anile renegade hardware
thunder biscuit
state of mind SOM
squash (S.P.Y remix)
total science Run DnB
2100-2200 yellowbenzene
Audio and future signal Subtitles
fail fail
mind feeders
Dom and Roland DRP
phace neosignal
system crash
S.P.Y renegade hardware
Ed Rush and Optical virus
can't remember
as above bleurgh
floating zero
Noisia Invisible
brain bucket
Noisia vision
can't remember
as above as above
drop zone
corrupt souls moving shadow
world unknown
cause 4 concern c4c
the filth
break and squire DNAudio
poison apple
Need For Mirrors CIA
inner city life
Goldie FFRR
b2b last ten mins

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