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1300-1400 18.11.10

elizabeth fraser, you're cool.

This fortnights show featured a bit of a tribute to the voice of Cocteau Twins, Elizabeth Fraser. Listen again to hear me proclaim my love her and play some of her finest songs.

If you want to read the interview with her in the Guardian that sparked this feature then you can, here:

If you also want to check out some of the bands/artists I played today then here are some useful links: John B's, Monoganon - "Elephant Pregnancy" album is available for free download from

You are welcome.

Lesley ♥

Posted at 19:03, 19th November 2010


Admiral Fallow Lo-Five
Vendor Defender Unsigned
Moving Clocks Run Slow
We Were Promised Jetpacks Fat Cat
Monoganon Winning Sperm Party
Dreaming Like a Fool
The boy who trapped the sun chess club
Special Feature - Elizabeth Fraser
Cocteau Twins 4AD
Massive Attack Virgin
Elizabeth Fraser Rough Trade
Says Aye
There Will Be Fireworks The Imaginary Kind
Gentleman's Mist
The Ballad Of Mable Wong Winning Sperm Party
Darling, Your Lover
Loch Awe Unsigned
Oil and Laquer
Bear Bones Instinctive Raccoon
Blues From a Gun
The Jesus And Mary Chain Warner Strategic Marketing (UK)

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