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bang!bang! take over

Suck My Left One // 2000-2100 17.09.08

bang!bang! take over

Welcome back kids. We've missed you, but we're looking forward to serving up all kinds of new punk//disco//grrrlie//queero treats this year. Va-va-voom!

On the 17th the studio was taken over by the foxy ladies from BaNg!bAnG!, Glasgow's finest girlie disco, getting us in the mood for dancing with an hour-long, unadulterated mix of lady-style electro, dance and minimalist disco. Click the link to see the playlist, listen again, and stay tuned for next week's show when they do it all again for ya!

Posted at 23:21, 21st September 2008


Move Me
Gudrun Gut Monika Enterprise
Attention Cherie
April March Out Here
Paris is burning
Ladyhawke vs. Peaches Modular
Girl You Look Expensive
Jenna Riot Crunks Not Dead
Keep it up
Fannypack Yeah Yeah
Bird Flu
Kiss Kiss Kiss
Yoko Ono and Peaches Astralwerks
Kryptonite Pussy
Yo Majesty Domino
No Bra Muskel
Chant of the ever circling skeletal family
David Bowie RCA
Prison Life
Numbers Tigerbeat 6
Polar Love
Chicks On Speed and Kreidler Caroline
We Are The New Keith Cole
Kids On TV Chicks On Speed
Other Animals Are #1
Erase Errata Troubleman
Confession (Nervous Gender)
Soft Pink Truth Tigerbeat 6
I Have a Headache This Big
Stars As Eyes Tigerbeat 6
Mathematiques Modernes
Disco Rough Dorian
No Pony
Angie Reed Chicks On Speed

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