It's alive!

Suck My Left One // 2000-2100 15.09.09

it's alive!

Suck My Left One kicks of a new Subcity season with a taster of our favourite noises. From The Mo-Dettes to Erase Errata detouring via Lesbians On Ecstasy and feminist industrial electo duo Phallus Über Alles. Welcome to our world.

Posted at 22:11, 15th September 2009


Sleater-Kinney Sub Pop
Sheena is a punk rocker
Yeah Yeah Yeahs War Child
Niggers and queers aka a vile homophobic bigot...
Retardos De la Mour Olive Loaf
The Kray Twins
The Mo-dettes Cherry Red
It's obvious
Au Pairs Castle
Uncle Phranc
Team Dresch Candy-Ass
Erase Errata Blast First
Tenen non neu
Duchess Says Alien8
Summer Luv
Lesbians on Ecstasy vs. Tracy and the Plastics Alien8
Auto-Femme Radio Spot
Phallus Uber Alles Fatal
Hey Bill
Phallus Uber Alles Fatal
Future homemakers of America
Phallus Uber Alles Fatal

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