The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 18th June 2012

Suck My Left One

2000-2100 09.04.12


Dig Me Out
Sleater-Kinney Kill Rock Stars
Jason's Basement
The Gossip Kill Rock Stars
Now Here's All Right
Le Tigre Mr. Lady
50ft Queenie
PJ Harvey Island
Two Beers Later
Cadallaca K
The Breeders 4AD
All Hail Me
Veruca Salt Minty Fresh
American Flag
Cat Power Matador
Bjork One Little Indian
Sailor Song
Regina Spektor Sire
Eleni Mandell Heart of a Champion
Peggy Sue and the Pirates Rough Trade
Taste of Blood
Mazzy Star Capitol
Letter to a Stranger
The Paradise Motel Infectious
Kirsty Stegwazi Way Over There
Untouchable Face
Ani DiFranco Righteous Babe

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