Suck My Left One

2200-2300 26.02.09

suck my favourites

In the latest episode of Suck My Left One, Kate and Olivia treat the random dial twiddlers of Greater Glasgow to a pick of our favourite Riot Grrrl/Queercore/Ska/Reggae/Hiphop/Electrodiscopunk noises. Featuring old favourites from local Ska-sters The Amphetameanies, classic Salt N Pepa, gem-sweater diva Leslie Hall, and of course Bikini Kill, as well as new music from local girl-punks Doves of Disorder, and a sneak peek at the new We Rock Like Girls Don't album, to be launched in Glasgow on the 12th of March at Sleazys. Send us your ladytrash requests at

Posted at 18:00, 2nd March 2009


Dutch Courage
Amphetameanies Flotsam and Jetsam
Baby Mother
Ari Up Collision
Leather Jacket
Yo Majesty Domino
None of your business
Salt 'N' Pepa Next Plateau
Bata Motel
Crass Crass
Slux Unsigned
Mind your own business
Delta 5 Rouge Trade
The Breeders 4AD
All hands on the bad one
Sleater-Kinney Kill Rock Stars
We Rock Like Girls Don't Girls Rock
Zombie Killer
Leslie and the Lys Unsigned
Meeting Paris Hilton
CSS Sub Pop
Something to show you
Doves of Disorder Unsigned
After Dark
Le Tigre Universal
Suck My Left One
Bikini Kill Kill Rock Stars

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