Suck My Left One

2200-2300 26.01.10


Dyke bar
Ten Eyck Unsigned
Titties bounce
Gravy Train!!!! Kill Rock Stars
Pretend we're dead
L7 Slash
Veruca Salt Minty Fresh
The kids don't sleep
Grim Dylan Unsigned
We're so cool
Au Pairs Human
Kissing Kalina Honey Buzz
We think you're dishy
B(if)tek Murmur
Mass Kaos
The Blush Foundation Unsigned
Sexualised horse eye
Scragfight Unsigned
Jogging song (he's your Mr. Right)
Mika Miko Kill Rock Stars
Kiss Me Deadly
Lita Ford Mercury
Precious Metal Chameleon
Gabe leans to the left
The Loosies Unsigned
Heavens to Betsy Kill Rock Stars
The Wooden Dresses Unsigned
Zombie Girl
Scragfight Unsigned
All by myself
Babes In Toyland Strange Fruit

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