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Live coverage from Principal's Open Session

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12th April 2011
SRC - Any Questions?
25th March 2011
Live coverage from Principal's Open Session
24th March 2011
SRC Council Meeting coverage

Subcity Update // 1200-1400 25.03.11

subcity 2 at capacity

We apologise if you are unable to listen live, the streaming server for Subcity 2 is being pushed to capacity due to the large number of listeners. If you are unable to listen in, the full recording will be available to listen on demand afterwards on the episode page here shortly after the meeting concludes.

Posted at 13:17, 25th March 2011

live: mass meeting with the principal

Subcity Update should be bringing you the principal's emergency open meeting with staff and students to you live. That is unless the builders dig up the secret cable we have had planted in the Bute Hall for the past 16 years.

This emergency meeting was announced yesterday after the events of the 22/03/2011 where both university security staff and Strathclyde police attempted to evict students from the "Free" Hetherington. The incident drew the attention of the media across Scotland as the police launched a major operation in an attempt to control the situation that arose which included police dogs, a helicopter and after the eviction police on horses patrolling the area.

The incident has caused major embarrassment to both the University of Glasgow and Strathclyde Police as questions were asked about the "disproportionate nature" of the operation.

To comment while the meeting takes place head to or tweet to us @SubcityUpdate

Posted at 11:08, 25th March 2011


Live coverage from the Principal's Q & A session with staff and students

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