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SRC Council Meeting coverage

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12th April 2011
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SRC Council Meeting coverage

Subcity Update // 1835-2100 24.03.11

live broadcast from src council meeting tonight

Subcity Update will be broadcasting live from the SRC Council Meeting tonight, where amongst other business, an emergency motion which calls for disciplinary action against Hetherington occupiers is being discussed.

The motion is as follows:

"The SRC opposes any kind of occupation that affects the quality of learning and teaching, such as the continuing occupation of the Hetherington Research Club. Furthermore the SRC requests that the University takes disciplinary action against:

a) Any student who vandalizes or damages university property
b) Any student that assaults university staff
c) Any student whom actively seek to disturb the learning and teaching environment of the university.

Council reaffirms its commitment to free expression and consultation, in a constructive manner, in keeping with the University of Glasgow’s tradition of student representation. "

In accordance with the SRC Constitution Schedule 6, Section 3.2, I hereby submit an ‘Emergency Motion’. We consider this matter to be time sensitive, because discussion is ongoing with the University regarding the continued occupation of the Hetherington Research Club is ongoing and there is a growing demand from fellow students for the SRC Council to take a stronger stance against the actions of University Students on Tuesday 22nd March 2011.

I trust an email will suffice as a submission in writing. However should your require written consent, we hope you will allow us sufficient time to do so.

Yours Sincerely Matt Morrison (SRC Clubs and Societies Officer)

Seconded by:

  • Ana Cohen (Post Graduate Convenor)
  • Flo Weber (Arts College Convenor)
  • Hannah Mary Goodlad (College of Science Convenor)
  • Ellen Grant (Charities Officer)
  • Stuart Ritchie (College of Social Science Convenor)
  • Jenny Court (Women’s Officer)
  • Suzanne Milne (General Rep)


We understand that Flo Weber (Arts College Convenor) has since withdrawn his support for the motion.

Posted at 15:29, 24th March 2011


Live coverage of the SRC Council Meeting

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