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12th April 2011
SRC - Any Questions?
25th March 2011
Live coverage from Principal's Open Session
24th March 2011
SRC Council Meeting coverage

Subcity Update is the place to find all the latest news and happenings from Glasgow and beyond from Subcity's own Current Affairs Team.

A mixture of documentaries, breaking stories and cultural coverage, Subcity Update keeps you up to date, as well as giving you a chance to have a say on the latest news stories.

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src - any questions?

Subcity Update // 12.04.11 // SRC - Any Questions?

With the controversial recent events at the University of Glasgow many students will be looking to see what the Student Representative Council is doing during these difficult times for the university. In a collaboration between the Subcity Update team and the SRC Executive we are giving you the opportunity to ask what the future holds from your elected student representatives.

All four of the SRC Executive will be on hand to answer your questions.

Just in case you need reminding the four executive members are:

SRC President - Tommy Gore

Vice President Student Support- Fraser Sutherland

Vice President Learning and Development - Tuula Eriksson

Vice President Media and Communications - Luke Winter

Whether you want to know about the consultation process currently taking place on the future of courses or you are concerned about funding cuts or the stance of the SRC on certain issues then come on down.

The hour long session will be broadcast live on Subcity 2 at and you will be able to listen and use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to ask questions even if you aren’t able to make it in person.

Become a fan on facebook

Twitter hashtag - #gusrc or tweet direct @SubcityUpdate

Email- [email protected]

Posted at 14:05, 8th April 2011

subcity 2 at capacity

Subcity Update // 25.03.11 // Live coverage from Principal's Open Session

We apologise if you are unable to listen live, the streaming server for Subcity 2 is being pushed to capacity due to the large number of listeners. If you are unable to listen in, the full recording will be available to listen on demand afterwards on the episode page here shortly after the meeting concludes.

Posted at 13:17, 25th March 2011

live: mass meeting with the principal

Subcity Update // 25.03.11 // Live coverage from Principal's Open Session

Subcity Update should be bringing you the principal's emergency open meeting with staff and students to you live. That is unless the builders dig up the secret cable we have had planted in the Bute Hall for the past 16 years.

This emergency meeting was announced yesterday after the events of the 22/03/2011 where both university security staff and Strathclyde police attempted to evict students from the "Free" Hetherington. The incident drew the attention of the media across Scotland as the police launched a major operation in an attempt to control the situation that arose which included police dogs, a helicopter and after the eviction police on horses patrolling the area.

The incident has caused major embarrassment to both the University of Glasgow and Strathclyde Police as questions were asked about the "disproportionate nature" of the operation.

To comment while the meeting takes place head to or tweet to us @SubcityUpdate

Posted at 11:08, 25th March 2011

live broadcast from src council meeting tonight

Subcity Update // 24.03.11 // SRC Council Meeting coverage

Subcity Update will be broadcasting live from the SRC Council Meeting tonight, where amongst other business, an emergency motion which calls for disciplinary action against Hetherington occupiers is being discussed.

The motion is as follows:

"The SRC opposes any kind of occupation that affects the quality of learning and teaching, such as the continuing occupation of the Hetherington Research Club. Furthermore the SRC requests that the University takes disciplinary action against:

a) Any student who vandalizes or damages university property
b) Any student that assaults university staff
c) Any student whom actively seek to disturb the learning and teaching environment of the university.

Council reaffirms its commitment to free expression and consultation, in a constructive manner, in keeping with the University of Glasgow’s tradition of student representation. "

In accordance with the SRC Constitution Schedule 6, Section 3.2, I hereby submit an ‘Emergency Motion’. We consider this matter to be time sensitive, because discussion is ongoing with the University regarding the continued occupation of the Hetherington Research Club is ongoing and there is a growing demand from fellow students for the SRC Council to take a stronger stance against the actions of University Students on Tuesday 22nd March 2011.

I trust an email will suffice as a submission in writing. However should your require written consent, we hope you will allow us sufficient time to do so.

Yours Sincerely Matt Morrison (SRC Clubs and Societies Officer)

Seconded by:

  • Ana Cohen (Post Graduate Convenor)
  • Flo Weber (Arts College Convenor)
  • Hannah Mary Goodlad (College of Science Convenor)
  • Ellen Grant (Charities Officer)
  • Stuart Ritchie (College of Social Science Convenor)
  • Jenny Court (Women’s Officer)
  • Suzanne Milne (General Rep)


We understand that Flo Weber (Arts College Convenor) has since withdrawn his support for the motion.

Posted at 15:29, 24th March 2011