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Cry Parrot Listening

Subcity Spin // 1900-2030 07.01.10

cry parrot listening

Cry Parrot promotions is a “no ego”, “non-elitist”, non-profit organisation that supports some of the most interesting, intriguing artists around. Last year they fed, housed and gave the stage to Nite Jewel, John Maus, Foot Village, Cheveu, Ultimate Thrush, Lovvers…Black Time, who climbed around the venue, over chairs and tables and over some of the more timid members of the crowd, their Christmas show line-up included the A-game performer: Hawnay Troof.

Today Fielding and Callum, who perform and DJ around the city in different monikers, join Spin in anticipation of another awesome series of shows this January:

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8th Jan: Gary War (ariel pink) + Blue Sabbath Black Fiji + Helsten and djs tbc @Secret Location (email [email protected])

16th Jan: Bird Names (Upset the Rhythm), Tabula Rasa, Dam Mantle, Tangles, Xavier and the Bastard and more @Glasgow Social Centre

26th Jan: Marble Valley (ft. Steve West fom pavement) and more @Nice and Sleazys

30th Jan The Ex and Brass Unbound, Zun Zun Egul and Tattle Toes @ CCA

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Posted at 17:53, 7th January 2010


So Cold
Rocket from the Tombs White Label
Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love
Mahavishnu Orchestra Jazz Fushion Rock Jazz
A Flamingo
Vibe Central Human Ear
Obscure Preferences
Gary War Shdwply
Hello Friends
Cheveu S-S
No Mongo
Wizzard Sleeve Jeth-Row
Heaven is Real
John Maus Upset The Rhythm
Super Creep Human Ear
Ultimate Thrush Winning Sperm Party
The Nonward Race
Mahavishnu Orchestra Jazz Fushion Rock Jazz
Kiss of a Black Widow
RZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard Razor Sharp
Mmmm Crisis
The Ex Ex
Paper Hats
This Heat Metronome
Blood Of The Bull Winning Sperm Party
Sic Alps Woodist
Turkish Delight
Vom At War With False Noise

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