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Brain Eater

Subcity Spin // 1600-1700 29.10.09

brain eater

Necrophiliacs, hedonists and worshippers of the night...Hallows eve is looming...darkness is here! Meet your musical fate on this week´s Spin. All musics will be of the dead-beat-zombie-vampire-horror-supernatural-monstrous-blood letting nature.

So unveil your rotting flesh, and remove those mummy bandages by dancing senseless around the akropolis to the unique and gruesome sounds...choosen this week.

Also an interview with horror expert Fielding Hope, and a head spinning interview with John Maus.

Posted at 04:00, 30th October 2009


The House on Haunted Hill, 1959 (Intro)
William Castle Classic Entertainment
Bubonic Plague Human Ear
1-800 Suicide
Gravediggaz Gee Street
Circus of Death
Human League Travelogue
Sick to Death
Eat Skulls Tough Love
Frankenstein, 1931 (Opening Warning) & BBC Hor
James Whale and Various Artists Universal/BBC
Argumentix Release The Bats
If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul
Jeffrey Lewis Rough Trade
Messa of Lost Women (Main Theme)
Hoyt Curtin MCM
"Essence of Evil" - Succubus
Jess Franco Anchor Bay
I Want to Kill
Crocodiles Fat Possum
Interview with horror expert Fielding Hope!
Scanners (Final Scene)
David Cronenberg Anchor Bay
Night at the Asylum
Bobb Trimble Secretly Canadian
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem Grind Core
Goblin Import
John Maus Interview Part 1
Goblin Import
Howlin' Wolf Syndicate
Sam Son Gem
Runaway DNA
Geneva Jacuzzi Human Ear

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