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Shane Dundas, Milk Presents, We Are Not Here

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22nd August 2012
Molly Taylor, Oh Ma Cod, Unmythable
21st August 2012
Up & Over It, Reverse Psycomedy, Becky
20th August 2012
Barry Morgan, KTO, Boy In A Dress
16th August 2012
kin, gob shop, fest
15th August 2012
Third Angel, Strong Arm, Frank Sanazi, Banger, Woo
14th August 2012
Myra, CountryBoy, Simply The Best
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Subcity On The Fringe // 1800-1900 13.08.12

getting further out on the fringe

Shane Dundas took a leap of faith to leave behind his roots in a famous double act: Vile and Niall chat to him about his first solo show and how he needs belief (at least in his own act). Vile gets all excited by A Real Man's Guide to Sainthood and it mash up of DIY set creation and analysis of gender roles, before We Are Not Here, ironically, appear and talk about being Italian artists and finally finding out whether Godot is going to appear.

Posted at 15:52, 4th September 2012


Interview with Shane Dundas
Love Goes Down
Plan B 679
Interview with A Real Man's Guide to Sainthood
Boys Don't Cry
The Cure Fiction
Interview with We Are Not Here
That's Life
Frank Sinatra Reprise

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