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dracula: sss, wau wau sisters, clout

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22nd August 2012
Molly Taylor, Oh Ma Cod, Unmythable
21st August 2012
Up & Over It, Reverse Psycomedy, Becky
20th August 2012
Barry Morgan, KTO, Boy In A Dress
16th August 2012
kin, gob shop, fest
15th August 2012
Third Angel, Strong Arm, Frank Sanazi, Banger, Woo
14th August 2012
Myra, CountryBoy, Simply The Best
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Subcity On The Fringe // 0900-1001 11.08.12

dracula: sss, wau wau sisters, clout

The joy of the Fringe is its diversity. Today the studio is visited by a vampire longing for Sex, Sucking and Stardom, two Performance Art Acrobats with a purpose and a bunch of buffoons.

The show starts with a burst from Dracula: SSS... more live music from a musical that sends up the genre that it claims to love... as much as fresh blood and haunting young maidens.

The Wau Waus are intelligent, challenging and talented: they are in danger of giving burlesque a good name. They don't really fit easily into any genre, and it's best to listen in to their thoughts on feminism, live art and the Fringe.

Clout are the buffoons, but this is less a comment on their idiocy than their particular take on the Lecoq style. How A Man Crumbled is an attempt to tell the tale of an early absurdist who made his way by writing children's stories, even as he hated on the kids.

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Interview with Dracula: Sex, Sucking & Stardom
Interview with The Wau Wau Sisters
Interview with How A Man Crumbled

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