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Myra, CountryBoy, Simply The Best

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22nd August 2012
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14th August 2012
Myra, CountryBoy, Simply The Best
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Subcity On The Fringe // 1000-1100 14.08.12

myra, countryboy, simply the best

It's Fringe time, and how better to share experiences than Auntie Myra. Her children's show might not actually be suitable for anyone under eighteen, but her adventures on the way to the studio are more than enough for Vile and Niall to learn about how life can be for an up and coming comedian on the Fringe.

From Myra, the show rushes down to London, to observe Countryboy's Struggle in a dynamic piece of hip hop theatre. The live raps that come live and direct explain things far better than Vile's questioning, and the battle between a good soul and the nasty big city is revealed in three specially recorded numbers from the show.

Finally, Simpy the Best celebrates the magic of the darts. Jocky Wilson gives way to Jacky Wilson in a one person piece that gets the audience up at the oche.

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The Boss
Diana Ross Motown
Interview with Auntie Myra
Interview and Performances by Countryboy
Interview with Annie (Unfolding Theatre)
Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)
Dexys Midnight Runners Mercury

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