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22nd August 2012
Molly Taylor, Oh Ma Cod, Unmythable
21st August 2012
Up & Over It, Reverse Psycomedy, Becky
20th August 2012
Barry Morgan, KTO, Boy In A Dress
16th August 2012
kin, gob shop, fest
15th August 2012
Third Angel, Strong Arm, Frank Sanazi, Banger, Woo
14th August 2012
Myra, CountryBoy, Simply The Best
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Subcity On The Fringe // 1000-1100 16.08.12

kinship and gobbing

Donna Rutherford's Kin has become something of a legend around Scotland over the past year: appearing suddenly in unexpected locations and disappearing, and featuring a superstar cast. Luckily, it paused in Edinburgh for the month, and Vile caught up with Donna - and invited Aemelia, star fast food blogger, to join their conversation.

Then Vile gets serious as he talks about a site specific event, in a lap-dancing club, with the man from the Gob Shop: finally, an overview of the Fringe so far with Fest Magazine, Subcity's neighbours at Summerhall.

Posted at 16:06, 4th September 2012


Interview with Donna (Kin) and Amelia Bayler
Whispering Grass
Sandy Denny Island
Interview with Gob Shop
Interview with Fest Magazine

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