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Daft Punk And 1983

Speaking in Tongues // 1400-1600 25.09.11

daft punk are the real victims

Oliver is joined by Ciaran Owens, former host of Subcity SciFi and purveyor of slightly unconventional hip-hop.

We talk about sectarianism, riots and why 1983 was the best year for music.

Speaking In Tongues will be back on October 9th

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Posted at 02:47, 1st October 2011


Hudson Mohawke Pleasure Principle
Step Back
Nadsroic LuckyMe
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Stars Paper Bag
This Charming Man
Death Cab For Cutie Barsuk
Swan Song
Bane Equal Vision
It's that bass
Machinedrum LuckyMe
Rustie Warp
Is A Woman
Lambchop Merge
Cashing In
Minor Threat Dischord
Bad Science
Rustie Wireblock
Where You Been 7.0
Low Limit Numbers
Spaceship Broken, Parts Needed
Pelican Hydra Head
World Spins Madly On
The Weepies Nettwerk
cybotron Deep Space
Hashim street sounds
Floating In The Forth
Frightened Rabbit Fat Cat
New Direction
Gorilla Biscuits Revelation
Hudson Mohawke Pleasure Principle
Machinedrum LuckyMe
2 Atoms In A Molecule
Noah and the Whale Cherrytree
Machine Gun
Slowdive Creation
Room Mist
Nadsroic LuckyMe
Rustie Wireblock
The Big Sleep Frenchkiss

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