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Gradual Disintegration

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 1700-1800 12.05.12

"this is the worst week of my life..."

This week is pretty heavy on punk rock in its various guises. OFF! open this one up with a 46 second stormer from their new self-titled LP (well, I say LP; the thing's 16 minutes long), and I spin the eponymous 7" by "Birmingham DIY punks" Human Hands. As it turns out, that description isn't so all-encompassing. Cloud Nothings also muddy the punky waters with their delightfully noisy take on indie rock.

Then, things get a little dreamier with this week's recommended record: the 2012 remaster of My Bloody Valentine's 1991 opus "Loveless" - the two tracks here are remastered from the original 1/2" tapes, which definitely gives them more of a warm, earthly feel. Sleeping Peonies put a darker twist on the shoegaze blueprint with a track from the new, free EP "s l o w l y d i s a p p e a r i n g".

Elsewhere, there's a highlight from the new PS I Love You album "Death Dreams", which has finally dropped in the US. If you were paying attention to the Source Tags & Mixtapes Facebook page on the 18th, you'll have seen the link to download the album for free. Didn't catch it? Too bad, you'll have to pick up the LP now.

One last thing - do check out local band Clockwork Social. You can download their first recording, which is also featured here. It's a promising opening statement. Check them out on Facebook too.

Posted at 16:00, 13th May 2012


Zero For Conduct
Off Vice
Songs for Singles: Human Hands - s/t 7"
During & After
Human Hands Speedowax
Human Hands Speedowax
Let Me Breathe (Demo)
Clockwork Social Unsigned
Fall In
Cloud Nothings Wichita
Recommended Records: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
To Here Knows When
My Bloody Valentine Sony
My Bloody Valentine Sony
Cemetery Kisses
Sleeping Peonies Unsigned
Don't Go
PS I Love You Paper Bag
Grave Desecration
The Men Deranged

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