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Source Tags and Mixtapes // 1700-1800 03.09.11

songs, textures, tones & drones

Every year when that Autumn feeling sets in my hunger for atmospheric sounds gets more and more prominent, so this week's playlist brings a variety of songs from wildly different genres, all held together by that heavy sense of atmosphere and mood. There's a brand new track from Wolves in the Throne Room taken from their upcoming album "Celestial Lineage", some dreamy pop from Asobi Sesku and The Field, as well as some droney and euphoric electronic music from M83 and Fuck Buttons member Benjamin Power under the alias Blanck Mass. Songs for Singles comes from Tarwater, who demonstrate completely opposing characteristics with these two songs from their Tar Babies/Stawberry Statement 7".

Posted at 23:37, 1st September 2011


Thuja Magus Imperium
Wolves In The Throne Room Southern Lord
Songs for Singles: Tarwater - Tar Babies/Strawberry Statement 7"
Tar Babies
Tarwater Earsugar
Strawberry Statement
Tarwater Earsugar
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
The Field Kompakt
Recommended Records: Asobi Seksu - Citrus
New Years
Asobi Seksu Friendly Fire
Asobi Seksu Friendly Fire
In Church
M83 Mute
Land Disasters
Blanck Mass Rock Action

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