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The Enemies List Tape

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This sprawling, two hour special of Source Tags & Mixtapes has its focus dead-set on the Enemies List Home Recordings label. Based in Connecticut, USA, the label produces limited runs of CDs, vinyl and tapes by a talented bunch who make bedroom music touching on such genres as post-punk and shoegaze (Have a Nice Life), gloomy drone (Planning for Burial), echo-chamber Americana (Dweller on the Threshold) and, er, agricultural synth-pop (America Addio). Spliced between the music is an exclusive, in-depth interview with label founder Dan Barrett, who discusses the beginnings of Enemies List, its ideology, and the uncertain future of the music industry.

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 1100-1300 08.10.11

kill everyone. destroy everything.

This week, I'm excited to bring to you a special two-hour long session featuring an exclusive interview with Connecticut-based musician Dan Barrett. Dan is involved with several home recording projects, namely Have a Nice Life, Nahvalr, and Giles Corey, his solo project. He's also behind ENEMIES LIST HOME RECORDINGS, the record label that "wages war on music". Think of this one as a great big Enemies List mixtape which showcases their artists, complete with some insight as to how the label operates and why everything they do is so exciting and significant to modern music.

Special thanks (again) to Dan for agreeing to take the time out on such short notice to do the interview, and for being so insightful.

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Posted at 15:00, 4th October 2011


// 2m40s: Start of show //
The Big Gloom
Have a Nice Life Enemies List
// 12m46s: Dan Barrett Interview Pt. 1 //
I Try
Sleep In Enemies List
Black Elk Speaks, Chokes And Dies
Nahvalr Enemies List
// 33m00s: Dan Barrett Interview Pt. 2 //
The Woods
Dweller On The Threshold Enemies List
Being A Teenager & Awkwardness Of Backseat Sex
Planning For Burial Enemies List
Spectral Bride
Giles Corey Enemies List
// 1h04m25s: Dan Barrett Interview Pt. 3 //
A Quiet Observer Appears
The Flowers Of St. Francis Enemies List
Boss Of The Plains
America Addio Enemies List
You Can Bury Me In The East
Mamaleek Enemies List
// 1h33m45s: Dan Barrett Interview Pt. 4 //
Afterlives Enemies List
Song 6
Dweller On The Threshold Enemies List
Trespassers W
Have a Nice Life Enemies List

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