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Soundtracks For The Blind

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 0900-1000 10.03.11


Source Tags & Mixtapes returns once again and, for better or worse, I'm single-handedly presenting the show from this episode onwards. There's also a few guest spots in the pipeline for future episodes. This week sees the start of a new feature where I'll be pulling a record from the Source Tags vault, highlighting why I think the album's significant and playing key cuts from it. This episode has a focus on some gloomy, droney music, with a couple of exceptions as always. Along with a nod to Trent Reznor's oscar win, the mood is set by show favourites Swans and Planning For Burial. While I'm on that: you need to check out the Planning For Burial/Lonesummer split.

See you next week.

- Ross

Posted at 10:53, 10th March 2011


It Catches Up With You
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Null Corporation
Sleeping In Separate Rooms
Planning For Burial Music Ruins Lives
Isis Ipecac
Recommended Records: Swans - "Soundtracks For The Blind"
Live Through Me
Swans Young God
Swans Young God
Dirty Cartoons
Menomena Barsuk
Songs For Singles: Mogwai - Mexican Grand Prix 7"
Mexican Grand Prix
Mogwai Rock Action
Slight Domestic
Mogwai Rock Action
What A Wonderful Man
My Morning Jacket ATO

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