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Blackened Swirl

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 1700-1800 16.06.12

we've got memories we haven't made yet

This is the penultimate episode of the session. Expect dreaminess and doom. Opening this week's show is the first track from the recently released Botanist record "III: Doom in Bloom", which is a stunning look at how the project has changed in the past year. There's some pre-band Cloud Nothings material with this week's 7", and a long overdue recommended record spot for The Saddest Landscape.

Posted at 16:17, 17th June 2012


Quoth Azalea, The Demon (Rhododendoom II)
Botanist Totalrust
Songs for Singles: Cloud Nothings - Should Have
Should Have
Cloud Nothings Wichita
I Know (You're All Done With Me)
Cloud Nothings Wichita
Burzum Byeloblog
Pink Playground Mexican Summer
Recommended Records: The Saddest Landscape - You Will Not Survive
Declaring War On Nostalgia
The Saddest Landscape Panic
Imperfect But Ours
The Saddest Landscape Panic
Eva Angelina
Coma Cinema Fork & Spoon

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