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Source Tags and Mixtapes // 0900-1000 17.03.11

memory machine

Today's playlist is mostly made up of tracks from recently reissued albums. Enjoy some unearthed Jesu, some early Japandroids, and some classic Jesus Lizard. Meanwhile, it's The Dismemberment Plan who walk away with this week's Recommended Records trophy for their 1999 magnus opus "Emergency & I". Hardcore punk revivalists OFF! take it away for this week's Songs for Singles with four quickfire tracks from their first EP, played to you, on 7", in its entirity.


Posted at 13:47, 13th March 2011


Darkness On The Edge Of Gastown
Japandroids PolyVinyl
Why Won't You Talk About It?
The Radio Dept. Labrador
Manic Street Preachers Epic
Songs for Singles: OFF! - First EP
Black Thoughts
Off Vice
Off Vice
I Don't Belong
Off Vice
Upside Down
Off Vice
The Jesus Lizard Touch and Go
Aureated Skin
Jesu Hydra Head
Recommended Records: The Dismemberment Plan - "Emergency & I"
The City
The Dismemberment Plan Barsuk
The Jitters
The Dismemberment Plan Barsuk
Tragic Girl
Weezer Geffen

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