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Ascension Day

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 1700-1800 31.03.12

lighter, but with the same sense of mystery

The first few tracks here are taken from dutch hardcore group The Kensington Arms' debut album "Geospizinae", which comes almost as recommended as this week's featured record. Another great album which just dropped is the new effort from The Mars Volta, which more than makes up for their previous misfire. Elsewhere, there's a fresh, clean, feel-good track from the usually filthy Danny Brown, and a couple of texture-heavy curiosities from Julia Holter and Circle of Ouroborus which fit in nicely with the slow-vibes of the Talk Talk record.

Check back next week for an Airs special, complete with an exclusive Source Tags interview with the band and a few never before heard tracks, one of which comes from their upcoming album "Adore". I'm looking forward to it; you should be, too. Keep in the loop by 'liking' the Source Tags & Mixtapes Facebook Page.

Posted at 15:03, 1st April 2012


Kensington Arms Predestination
Rest Assured
Kensington Arms Predestination
Interpreting The Uninterpretable
Kensington Arms Predestination
Songs for Singles: Elliott Smith - Waltz #2 (XO)
Waltz #2 (XO)
Elliott Smith Dreamworks
Our Thing
Elliott Smith Dreamworks
The Mars Volta Warner Bros.
In The Same Room
Julia Holter RVNG
Recommended Records: Talk Talk - Laughing Stock
Ascension Day
Talk Talk Verve
Talk Talk Verve
Grown Up
Danny Brown Scion AV
Shadows Lead
Circle Of Ouroborus Handmade Birds

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