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No Mourning

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 1700-1800 09.06.12

we dreamed it, now we know...

Source Tags returns after two weeks off air, and it's back to business with a deadly cocktail of feel good rock 'n roll, reflective folk-rock and crushingly miserable black metal. The new Japandroids album just dropped - these guys have been doing the rounds on the show since it began, and it's good to see that they're back with a strong release. The Songs for Singles this week is technically the bookend to Drive Like Jehu's "Yank Crime", a post-hardcore classic if there ever was one. So you're essentially getting two recommended records here, the other being Polvo's "Exploded Drawing", which Derek from the cracking She Said kindly recommended. Good shout, bro.

Posted at 18:19, 10th June 2012


No Excuses For Fascist Sympathy
Book Of Sand Paradigm
Fire's Highway
Japandroids PolyVinyl
The Face Of The Waters
Book Of Sand Music Ruins Lives
Songs for Singles: Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime Bonus 7"
Human Interest
Drive Like Jehu Headhunter
New Intro
Drive Like Jehu Headhunter
New Math
Drive Like Jehu Headhunter
San Geronimo
Red House Painters 4AD
Recommended Records: Polvo - Exploded Drawing
Bridesmaid Blues
Polvo Touch and Go
In This Life
Polvo Touch and Go
Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Off Vice

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