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Hand It Over

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the funeral

As discussed in a previous show, we felt that it was time to retire the "Hand It Over" feature. This show is almost totally dedicated to said feature, and to mourn its demise, we played a variety of gloomy artists who lent their sound to a mystery band. Listeners could guess who the mystery band was throughout the course of the show to win a copy of the album by Dinosaur Jr. that lent its name to the feature. Regular listener Tim (really, he puts you all to shame) ended up getting it in the end. If you're on listen again and want to play along, don't click on the playlist before listening all the way through.

Also, correction on the weblink given out on this show - it's actually

Posted at 08:42, 22nd February 2010


Denver The Last Dinosaur Theme
unknown artist Unknown
I'm Insane
Dinosaur Jr Blanco Y Negro
HAND IT OVER: The Finalé
Here Come The Warm Jets
Brian Eno Island
Only Shallow
My Bloody Valentine Creation
Never Understand
The Jesus And Mary Chain Blanco Y Negro
Day Of The Lords
Joy Division Factory
Goddess On A Hiway
Mercury Rev V2
Magic Doors
Portishead Island
Take You On A Cruise
Interpol Matador
And The Mystery Artist Is...
Mirror's Image
The Horrors XL
Who Can Say
The Horrors XL

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