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2013's best records

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 28.12.13 // ST&M AOTY 2013: #10 - #1

We're in that weird period of limbo between the festive period and the new year again, so during that downtime I decided to come into the studio to count down my ten personal favourite albums from this year. One song from one record each accompanied by a little ramble, and that's it. Keeping it simple. Get in touch via Facebook and Twitter to share your own lists, whynot?

Posted at 15:31, 30th December 2013

dead cheerleaders

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 26.10.13 // Chainsaw Headrest

This is the final (official) episode of this session. You're in for some harsh noise assaults (Prurient), badass instrumentals (Liturgy, Russian Circles) and essential homegrown screamo (Kaddish). There's new stuff from Los Campesinos!, whose gradual shift from indie tweesters to anthemic emo overlords is cemented on fifth album "No Blues". Godflesh bring the pain, and True Widow provide the cool-as-hell desert rock.

Catch you for the end of year list in December.

Posted at 22:12, 8th November 2013

please absorb me, gradually

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 19.10.13 // Virginal Lock

This is the penultimate episode of this year's official session.

There's a couple of stellar live cuts from Swans and Death In June here, as well as another great cut from this year's debut by Spirits of Leo. Tim Hecker just dropped "Virgins", and it's shaping up to be every bit as wonderful and otherworldly as his last one.

A variety of interesting sounds can be found on Horseback's limited edition compilation "A Plague of Knowing", this week's recommended (triple) record. I suggest you pick it up while you still can.

Posted at 07:45, 20th October 2013

the return

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 12.10.13 // Barcode Anonymous

I feel like I don't play enough ballin' hip-hop on this show; here's some new material from Pusha T and Danny Brown, who have just dropped two of this year's best records. Happy? Well, maybe some spaced out nightmare rap from Evian Christ will appease you. Robert actually turned up this week - listen to our shitty chat.

Posted at 21:11, 15th October 2013

white noise relentlessly bashing against yer skull

Source Tags and Mixtapes // 05.10.13 // (234.48:4)

No 7" this week; instead I've decided to point you in the direction of the latest set of songs featured in the 2013 Adult Swim Singles Program.

Recent material includes: a fresh Touché Amoré cut from their new LP "Is Survived By", a collaboraton between Mark Kozelek and Desertshore, as well as a recent rehearsal session by the recently reactivated Nine Inch Nails. Recommended (quadruple!) record courtesy of noisey electronic weirdos Pan Sonic.

Posted at 11:42, 12th October 2013

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