Wish it would rain? We don't

Soulful Allsorts // 1400-1600 16.06.12

sunshine blue skies please go away

Day in day out my tear-stained face

Pressed against the window pain,

My eyes search the skies desperately for rain,

And no one will ever know that I'm crying,

I refuse to explain, oh I wish it would rain,

Let it rain, let it rain.

Well you got your wish. Fraser and I will be climbing Gilmorehill with southwesters on our heads and Hunters on our feet to bring you two hours of Soulful Allsorts on Subcity. One we’ve wrung the records out expect to hear some nods to Motown, a pair of deep soul picks and a great selection of tunes from across the soul boards. Live at two and anytime on Listen Again.

Posted at 08:34, 16th June 2012


Penguin Breakdown
LJ Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup Law-ton
Walk away with me
Jae B Northwest10
Left in the lost and Found
We The People Lion
Shattered Man
I have love for you
Lee Morris Starville
Do the walk
George Wydell Tangerine
When you get right down to it
Aretha Franklin Atlantic
The Sun shines
Alvin Green and Green Fire Green Fire
See what you do to me
Charlie Jones Ambush
Keep on running away
Bits'n Pieces NASCO
Let's make a deal Part 1
Syreeta and GC Cameron Motown
Sitting in my class
Ronnie McNair Deto
Baby be mine
The Sweet Delights Atco
How can you men a broken heart
Bill Fredericks Polydor
Come home baby
Wilson Pickett Atlantic
You're Gonna cry, cry, cry
Ella Washington Sound Stage 7
All for my kids
Frank Turner Maison de Soul
Thick and thin
The Tamlins Lion
I wanna be (your everything)
The Pretenders Carnival
Keep trusting in the lord
The Sims Sisters Simcob
What he's done for me
The Capitol City Star Singers Songbird
She's a bad girl
Hermon Hitson Minit
Who could be loving you
Jackie Ross Fountain
I'd rather loan you out
Round Robin Monopoly Truth
But I love you more
The Supremes Motown
Here i go again
Willie Charles Gray Mercury
The people want music
The Controllers Juana
The Electronic Magnetism
Solomon Burke MGM
How can your heart be free
The Right Combination SOH
This man's Arms
Loleatta Holloway Kent
Thank you for your Love
Bobby Byrd Contempo

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