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Soulful Allsorts welcome Kenny Burrell, world famous record collector and DJ. Kenny recently made the news when he sold his copy of Frank Wilson's Do I Love You for a record amount. Kenny brings to the show a collection of rare songs, as well as some excellent discussions of his times DJing at Soul Nights, his extensive record collection, as well as his love of soul.

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Soulful Allsorts // 1400-1600 12.12.09

kenny burrell guests

Soulful Allsorts today features records chosen by world famous record collector and DJ Kenny Burrell.

Having sold his copy (Tim Browns the only other copy) of Frank Wilson's Do I Love you on Soul for £26,000 Kenny brought an alternate take he took from a rare Motown Tape and is now on an acetate. He also played a couple of tracks only available on a pair of studio acetates and are unavailable commercially despite beig extremely good recordings. Just check them on Listen Again.

Kenny also talks enthusiastically about soul music , buying records and DJ'ing at Soul Nights

Posted at 17:38, 13th December 2009


Settle Down
Lou Wilson and Today's People Soul Junction
Seven Letters
Ray Phillips Polydor
Hey Girl don't bother me
The Tams HMV
This Heart of mine
The Artistics Okeh
Don't let true love die
The Supremes White Label
World so wide nowhere to hide
Jimmy Ruffin Soul
Do I Love you
Frank Wilson White Label
25 Miles
Delights Ork Virtue Acetate
Because I Love you
Chip Tyler Hickory
Now you've got the upper hand
Candi Staton Unity
They'll never know why
Freddie Chavez Look
No one else can take your place
Inspirations Breakthrough
There's the mountains
The Trips Soundville
What do you think I am
Chico Lamarr Fuller
Love can't be modernized
The Trips Soundville
Let's try it again
Gerri Shrivers Pat
It's our time to fall in love
Cody Black Gig
I'm useless
Charles Smith Seventy-Seven
She's my woman
Bobo Mr. soul Hi
Don't walk away
Cheryle Thompson Vee-Jay
Wasted Years
August Moon O-Gee
The Servicemen Chartmaker
Sweet Temptation
Ward Burton Panther
Sad Town
Jimmy Elledge Soundtown
Let's take a look at our life
Emory and The Dynamics Peachtree
I want you so bad
unknown artist Associated Acetate
Show me that you miss me
unknown artist Associated Acetate
I can feel him slipping away
Tobbi Bowe Pathway
What side your bread is buttered on
Diane Pane Logo
I got find me a baby
The Inticers Baby Luv
I'm such a lonely one
The Oxford Nights Delphi
Fools don't laugh
Rose St. John and The Wonderettes Veep
When we're Together
Joe Simon Posse

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