Soulful Allsorts

1400-1600 15.01.11


Penguin Breakdown
LJ Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup Law-ton
Tyra's Song
Lee Fields and The Spontaneous Generation Angle 3
I don't want to share your love
Tommy and Cleve Checker
I Don't feel no Pain
Final Decisions Hayleys
You better believe it baby
Joe Tex Dial
Mr. Soul
Trying to get next to you
Arnold Blair GEMIGO
Be Concerned
Bill Spoon White Label
Just keep on loving me
Lee Jenning Star track
Slow Down
Al Olive White Label
The Judgement day
Tavares Capitol
I'd Cry
Stevie Wonder Tamla Motown
Stand by me
Spyder Turner WBP
Do the Choo Choo
Eddie Parker JAY-WALKING
Dance right into my heart
The Voice masters Bamboo
To Love Someone (That don't love you)
The Kaldirons Twinight
Hank Soul Man Mullen Ever-Soul
Don't rush me now
New York City Br Roma
Do it Again
Al Olive White Label
He's got it
Known Facts pawn
Everbody's talking
Rance Allen White Label
Twelve red roses
Betty Harris Action
Oh what a day
The Lovelites LOVELITE
If it wasn't for the children
Neal Kimble Tangerine
Beautiful stranger
Al Olive White Label
If you can't put it out (don't light my fire)
Roy Roberts rOCK hOUSE
Bout to make me leave home
Shirley Brown Malaco
Talking about you girl
The Soul Merchants Moonville USA
Summer kind of Love
the Four Voices Voice

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