Soulful Allsorts

1400-1600 02.10.10


Penguin Breakdown
LJ Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup Law-ton
Eddie Floyd
Missing You Shotgun
Too Late
Tavares Capitol
That's what love can do
The Softones H&L
Heaven Help me
June Edwards South Camp
Finger Poppin' Woman
The Dell-Vikings Fee Bee
Shonuff no funny stuff Love
Charles Mann La
You must have been dreaming
Eddie Floyd Shotgun
Nothing can take you from me
Baby Me
Vessie Simmons Simco
My Dream
spirit White Label
Marvin Gaye Motown
For your precious love
Geater Davis House of Orange
Open the eyes of my heart
Craig Dion Tate Music
Tonight is the nite
Falisa JaNaye MiLaja
When you wake up
Cash McCall Thomas
We got a Love
Theatrics VR
Isn't life so wonderful
Premiums Epic
A Fool of the year
Sam Dees Shotgun
Breakin' my Heart
Keni Myles KeniMyles
As long as you love me
B.B.Butler Barry!
Lucky Lucky Me
Marvin Gaye Motown
I got Chose
Joe Matthews New Moon
It was a woman
The Invitations Soul Junction
What the doctor prescribed
Lou Ragland and Hot Chocolate Co-Co
Train to tampa
Sam Dees Shotgun
I can understand it
Bobby Womack United Artists
It's real
Jimmy Robins Kent

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