Soulful Allsorts

1400-1600 03.10.09

zane hunter returns as guest

Record Collector Zane Hunter returns to Soulful Allsorts with a bumper bundle of soulful sounds and some great chat too.

Posted at 10:21, 28th September 2009


Penguin Breakdown
LJ Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup Law-ton
You left me standing
Willie Gee and Pure Soul. Authentic
See you later Bye
Love and Happiness Waylo
Stay away from me (I love you too much)
Major Lance Curtom
Don't make me sorry (for loving you)
Sherm (Reb) Nesbary Cheri
Put your Lovin on me
Willie Fisher Jama
When you see what you want
Oscar Weathers Sirloin
This girl's in love with you
Marva Whitney King
Baby you sure know how to get to me
Bessy Banks Contempo
Nothing I'd rather be than your weakness
Marva W Taylor Forte
I want you
Wilson Pickett EMI
The Show (Must go on)
Terry Collins Sound facts
Feel the Fire
I'm so glad I found you
The Diplomats Dynamo
I can't let you go
Hot Sauce Volt
How could my baby know
Willie Hobbs Sound Stage 7
That's what a man is for
Phillip Mitchell Hi
Problem Child
4 Miles High Calla
The Best Girl I ever had
Gene Dozier and The United Front Mercury
It ain't me
Lee "Shot" Williams United Artists
Thank you baby
Johnny Moore Mercury
Got to find my baby
James Gadson Cream
March across the land
Linda Clifford Paramount
I can't see what you see me
The Joneses Mercury
Let me back in
Little Milton Stax
I don't want to be a lone ranger
Hidden Strength United Artists
I don't want to lose you
The Classic Sullivans Kwanza
Your Lovin' ain't as good as mine
You're good for me girl
Big Jim's Border Crossing Zanzee
Piec of my Heart
Bill Brandon Moonsong

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