Soulful Allsorts

1400-1600 06.02.10


Penguin Breakdown
LJ Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup Law-ton
Now is the time of the season
Brothers and Others RCA
Oh Linda
Leroy Taylor Brunswick
Good Girls do bad Things
Sweet Angel White Label
This year
Curtis Mayfield RSO
I can't wait
Bill Spoon Soul Junction
Baby I need your love
Bobby Williams Action
At least i tried
Jimmy Sterling Ameri-Com
Friday night
Johnny Taylor Stax
I'm marching
Capt. Jesse Fountain Cameo
I'm in a different World
The Four Tops Tamla Motown
I'll be good for you
Clydene Jackson Crossover
Get ready for this
Revelation RSO
I'm the one that loves you
Bill Spoon Soul Junction
Let them talk
Sir John Henry lonnie
Call Me
XXception to the rule Daxwood
Oh Girls
Sam Green Goldsmith T.C.B.
Why you want to change
Lost in her Love
family connections Jabali
What you gonna do 'bout love
No Prisoner Hot Chocolate
I'm gonna try again
Donny Ray Ecko
I heard it through the grapevine
Sam Taylor GRT
I wanna be with you
The Miracles Tamla Motown
Nothing to lose by trying
Con Funk Shun Mercury
Let me hold you tight
Cobra heart band Daxwood
I'll make it on my own
Cecil Lyde Al West
Yesterday's Love
J D Jones New world
It's never too late
David Lenyard and The Music Tree Flying Eagles
The magic is you
The Originals Phase II
Nobody can love you
Leroy Taylor Brunswick

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