Soulful Allsorts

1400-1600 05.06.10


Penguin Breakdown
LJ Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup Law-ton
Please don't you say goodbye to me
Solomon Burke Amherst
It's everything about you
The Pretenders Carnival
Let Me Do
Starting all over
Yesterday's Love
J D Jones New world
Making Love together
AJ Brown Maestro
Gonna let love live
The Velvelettes Unissued
For the sake of love
Jimmie Raye JRE
Clarence Carter Abc
Ice Cream Song
Cody Black Ston Roc
My baby needs me
The Mellow Fellows Dot
I like the little boy in you
Serenade Phoenix
This Girl
Cookin' on three burners Freestyle
I feel your love changing
Jesse James Soul Junction
You saved me baby
Lee Eldred Chess
I think I would cry
Fourth Creation DARAN
Sleepless Night
Pam Purnell Music Hilight
If I was a kid
Billy Kennedy Silver
I wouldn't treat a dog
Bobby Bland Dunhill
You better take it easy
Little Anthony and The Imperials United Artists
It's too strong
The O'Jays Neptune
Visions of a new world New world
I've got heaven right here on earth
The Temptations Unissued
I've got to try it one time
Millie Jackson Spring
Sweet Hot lips
Sir Charles Matthews and The Village Choir NYC Street Sound
Love, let love and be loved
Tony Fox Blaster
You're my only world
The 21st Century RCA

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