Gary Russell Guests

Soulful Allsorts // 1400-1600 04.12.10


Penguin Breakdown
LJ Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup Law-ton
Can't feel no pain
The Final Decisions White Label
Can't trust her
Jae B North West
If you wanna Love me
Warren Raye and The Infernal Blues Machine London
Don't you (think the time's a' coming)
Lucifer Invictus
I can't do without you
Abraham and His Sons Revue
Consider my love
Danny Nolland Land
You Oughta be here with me
Annettte Snell Dial
Tears are falling
Robert Lees and The Exquisites Steeltown Inc.
A Chance at love
Universal Minds Charles
Wear your natural baby
Towana and The Total destruction Romark
I love you Madly
Fantastic Four Ric Tic
Where is that rainbow
Dee Dee Warwick Mercury
Trying to reach my goal
The Robert Jones Singers RobMatt
I believe in you
The Blues Groove Verve
Sentimental Man
Oh mama
C.M.Lord Capitol
Bo James and The Human freedom Miracle
You've got to show me
Sammy Jones Jenesis
It was jealousy
Otis Clay Hi
How can I
Charles Perry Magnum
Drowning in my own despair
Oliver Norman Decca
Some Good in everything bad
The Fabulous Apollos Valtone
This kind of love
Special Delivery Shield
Since I met you
Lenny Williams Motown
Together forever
Ray Pettis Dee Dee
Is it love or is it lust
Vernon Steve Weakley VSW
Won't you come back home
Pauline Shivers O-Pex
I gotta get away
Ray Godfrey Spring
Messing up a good thing
John Edwards AWARE
Just another guy
Stage IV Millie
Forever Together, together forever
The Jaggerz Gamble

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