Soulful with patches of mist

Soulful Allsorts // 1400-1600 09.06.12

soulful weather?

I think we'll have to postpone our summer soul special for another week till we get some sun. Maybe there's sun where you are> if not today's Soulful Allsorts will brighten up your day. After last week's classic selection Fraser will be digging deeper into his record collection for some favourites but with more emphasis on underplayed tunes and undiscovered gems.

There will be at least two Motown records, a couple of deep soul stirrers, and an out of left field oddball pick along with recently arrived tunes accompanied by some chat, club news.

Contact us by e mailing [email protected], via our Soulful Allsorts on Subcity Facebook page.

Dedications no problem , requests happen when the record is found which unfortunately can sometimes take a few weeks.

Posted at 08:44, 9th June 2012


Penguin Breakfown
LJ Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup Law-ton
Will you be here
Freddie Hughes Happy Fox
I'm just living a lie
Bettye Swann Fame
Smoothie Pie
Sky Hi G.E.D. Soul
When you wake up
Cash McCall Thomas
Baby It's rainin'
Joe Tex Dial
First Impressions
The Impressions Curtom
I'm afraid to let you into my life
Freddie Waters October
My baby's gone
Donald Height Bang
We've got to give more of ourselves
Enternal family Communication
This love will never die
The Miracles Tamla Motown
I've got to make it on my own
The Detroit Spinners Atlantic
Trapped in a love
The Barrino Brothers Invictus
You're a bad habit baby
Johnny Adams SSS International
Party music
Pat Lundi Vigor
I'll never change (my love for you)
The LA Dellics Mojo
Thank you
Messiahs of Glory ft. Charles Street Sky Hero
It's a Helluva Thing
Ray Agee Prowlin'
The best in me
Bill Stone Right Road
If you don't want the man (Don't take the money)
Joe Tex Dial
The other side of your Love
Al Williams Crajon
I'm Falling in love
Vann and Reggie Brilliant Minds
You Haven't seen nothin' yet
Will Hatcher Wheelsville
(I'm living on) Borrowed time
Charles Wright Philips
Will Chapron and Stoned Gumbo Marquee
Let my love bring out the woman in you
Lonnie Youngblood Calla
Never give you up
Blinky and Edwin Starr Tamla Motown
Paint yourself in the corner
The Classic Sullivans Kwanza
Come see me
Jeanette Rudolph R&R
Ooh, baby Baby
The Magnificent 7 Dial
Come on, let me love you
Moses Smith Cotillion
We're not too young (to fall in love
Karen Striblin Jaber

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