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The Soul Boat............

At the Soul Boat we play you the very best in Soul, Funk and Disco music taking our lead from those dj's who pioneered the sounds of yester year. We bring these superb sounds back to life and take you on a journey through New Yorks's underground club scene of the late 70's and early 80's.

All the tracks we play are on vinyl and in their original format - we have dug deep in the crates to bring you some of the best club music ever produced.

Many of these slept on classics, are considered as the very beginings of modern dance music, with many recognised samples and breaks to boot.

Occasionally, we have guest dj's and mixes as well as competitions and a play list to die for.

So make sure you keep it locked to the station that rocks! and make a date each sunday with the Soul boat Dj Joe Watkins, between the hours of 1 and 2Pm !!


dj reeeeeeee.... no !

This week, see's the introduction of dj Reno One of bristols true old skool dj's .The first part of the show you get the mix with tracks by west Philips from the early 80's. part two is about Reno's remix which is disco orientated and remixed to a more contemporary feel.

This completes the second in our guest dj mix series ;)

Posted at 13:02, 30th January 2011

hip hop connection

Soul Boat // 05.12.10

Hip Hop Connection - This week its all about the old skool! Simply just throwing down the tracks you love, live in the mix! we are on a journey playing some real early gems from kurtis blow as well as electro classics finishing up with tour de france "Yeah bwoy" Check it.

Posted at 21:03, 5th December 2010

back to the source

Soul Boat // 03.10.10

Hi everyone,

The Soulboat has been away for a while - but we are back with a vengence!! This weeks show is all about taking you back to where it all started from. Original b-boy breaks are some of the high lights on todays show.T hrough to some of the best mash ups of all time Including hip-hop gems from Mantronix and Dr jeckll and Mr Hyde. This show is about the journey. Starting out with some of the most influential soul and funk tracks that paved the way for the early Hip-hop generation.

No Rappers Delight here - good but too obvious!!

Posted at 08:41, 3rd October 2010

hip hop and original breaks !

Say Kids!

Soon i'll be compiling a soulboat show full of old skool hip hop, coupled with their original (funk break) counter parts. So...... In short what your gonna get is the original track sampled, followed by the hip hop track. This will take a bit of digging in the collection so will keep you posted - should be a couple of weeks. may be beginning of March.

Posted at 17:31, 21st February 2010

old school boogie monsters

Hello everyone ................ Sundays, show is all about early garrage classics ( the sought before house came along) with some awesome vocals and latin styles. Im gonna be litterly throwing down some serious grooves to get your ear dums tingling in the best possible way, of course. And then gonna break into some instrumental / early house and finish up with three Killers tracks towards the end of the show.

Hope you enjoy it proper blue-print stuff this ! Be sure not to miss it


Posted at 21:10, 19th December 2009

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