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say no go

Solar Island // 04.03.09 // Hip Hop special, FM week 2

Sponsored by far too many beverages this week to mention. A full house with Tim Robin, Mahrooq, Shaun and Matthew all baying for the mic.

Listen as the SRC election candidates are given the once over on their posters, policies and faces followed by a live on air voting using Tim's student login.

Add this to the best classic Hip Hop heard all year on Subcity and a live set from Mahrooq of the stupid idiots. Solar Gold.

Posted at 01:01, 17th March 2009

it's bigger than hip hop

Solar Island // 04.03.09 // Hip Hop special, FM week 2

Tonight Solar Island celebrates its 2nd week of FM in 2009 with a hip hop special. Expect some ill prepared rhymes from mahrooq, dusty beats from shaun and the usual razor sharp solar wit. Will the elections candidates escape the tounge of Sillars?

tune in to find out

Posted at 21:46, 4th March 2009

solar island returns to the fm airwaves

Solar Island // 25.02.09 // An appology to Ofcom, FM week 1

Solar Island Embarks on its 8th FM broadcast on Subcity with all the grace of an old battered swan that's about to keel over. Featuring the return of Robin, Tim and the Monolith as well as Shaun and Sillars. Mahrooq was missing in action, presumed dead or perhaps with his new lady friend...

Tune in to find out which...

Posted at 13:22, 28th February 2009

the occupation of solar island

Solar Island // 11.02.09 // An occupation

Shaun and Mahrooq occupy the Subcity studio for 2 hours, their demands are simple and they must be met... or else!

Also featured in this episode: A Tommy Sheridan Rap by Mahrooq, usage of the word Glasvegas, Facebook group sizes used as a democratic measure, flyposting etiquette, the acquisition of megaphones for political causes, lots of dubstep and other amazing tunes...

Posted at 15:55, 12th February 2009

salt of the earth

Solar Island // 04.02.09 // A lack of salt

This week sponsored by Havana Club Especial, Shaun and Mahrooq recap on recent news stories and cause general upset and complaints due to poor taste. Later on Tim showed up to bring some decorum to proceedings. Matthew Sillars has a new job role created for him to solve the salt shortage crisis and we announce the special guest for Subcity's End of Broadcast Party.

Read along yourself:

Salt Shortage
Video game helps with fire drill
Obama unveils executive pay cap
Jade Goode Cancer

Posted at 15:42, 12th February 2009

a new twist on guess who

Solar Island // 28.01.09 // Guess Who

Join Shaun and The Monolith for a brief discussion on the Wrestling and a new exciting use of the mugshots of Rangers thugs captured in Manchester... That's right Guess Who has a new twist "does he have the union jack round him" "does he have bad teeth" "does he have a white tracky on"... etc

play along yourself:

Posted at 15:22, 12th February 2009

the return of the solar

Solar Island // 21.01.09 // RIP Tony Hart

Solar Island returns with Shaun, The Monolith, Matthew, Mahrooq and Robin all piling into the studio.

Obviously the sad news of Tony Hart's death took up much of the show, and we are looking for your submissions to the gallery as an homage to the great man, to submit your entry or to view the current submissions, just click Comment on this episode.

Other things discussed:

Chris Moyles in Auschwitz bother Which song Matthew Sillars lost his virginity to. Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee and Madonna's three way

and of course, heavy good tunes.

Posted at 14:51, 22nd January 2009

src vp admits nazi sympathies live on air

Solar Island // 05.11.08 // Are you Hitler?

As part of an epic 2 hour show hosted by Shaun and the Monolith current SRC Vice President (Media and Communications), Zoe Grams, failed the new Solar Island Quiz "Are you Hitler?".

Grams made a live appearance in the studio alongside Agent Warrior of Hack! magazine. The SRC have declined to comment on this news and it is unclear whether Grams will retain her position. Sources close to the VP have revealed that she has always harboured right wing tendencies pointing out her recent Daily Mail Halloween costume.

Other highlights of the show included:

  • A Letter from America - The Monolith's postcaird from the USA finaly arrives
  • Are you Hitler? - a new gameshow in association with the Daily Mail
  • Exclusive audio from Barak Obama's afterparty
  • An important announcment regarding a new show, this Friday night on Subcity....

Posted at 14:30, 6th November 2008

will lord blasts solar over offensive voicemails

Solar Island // 29.10.08 // Hi, this is will lord's phone...

This week Solar Island continue to break their own record for the greatest-number-of-complaints-made-to-Ofcom-for-a-single-broadcast.

Comedy legend Will Lord (78), best known for his role as hapless DJ Lord of the Dancehall in the much loved Subcity series Solar Island (Seasons 1 - 4) was said to be deeply offended by answerphone messages recorded on the show discussing the sexual activities of members of his family.

At the centre of the outrage was a comment by Solar regular Matthew Sillars claiming that Mad Euan Lindsey had had sex with Will's dad, Captain Birdseye.

Posted at 20:02, 28th October 2008

dr wright struck off for gross misconduct

Solar Island // 22.10.08 // A Ah Alan Gardner

Following the broadcast of Solar Island on the 22nd of October 2008, resident doctor Dr Wright has been struck off for disclosing personal details of patients baby scans.

The show offered no apology to those affected who included MIA and Mad Euan Lindsay.

Also the show has been criticised for its coverage of other controvesial topics:

  • Vaginal prolapse
  • How recording artists get shite after having children
  • Keyboard upgrade tips
  • Whether to dingy the credit crunch
  • Brewery Employees who are unable to host parties


Posted at 20:11, 23rd October 2008

solar adopts central european time

Solar Island // 15.10.08 // A quicky

Solar Island lost an hour with a trial adoption of Central European Time. Much chat about a lot of nonsense including:


More stupidity next week

Posted at 18:09, 20th October 2008

which one of you is matthew sillars?

Solar Island // 08.10.08 // A lack of drum and bass

This week on Solar Island:

Exclusive audio of Solar's run in with Student Radio Awards Judge Joe Kinnear

JK Which one is Matthew Sillars?

MS Me.

JK You're a cunt.

MS Thank you.

JK Which one is Murphy? You are out of order. Absolutely fucking out of order. If you do it again, I am telling you you can fuck off and go to another ceremony. I will not come and stand for that fucking crap. No fucking way, lies. Fuck, you're saying I turned up and they fucked off.

Posted at 00:54, 8th October 2008

monolith djing at ibop

Solar Island isn't all just about Glasgow leafy west end or the Merchant city, we rule the southside too.

The Monolith and Jocasta, his partner in crime(nal records) will be playing music one after the other at the legendary southside monthly night Ibop, in order to make people dance and smile.

Head down to Pollok Ex-serviceman's club from 9pm tonight Friday 3rd October for some indie dancefloor action. Map to the venue. iBop myspace

Posted at 11:16, 3rd October 2008

a big fat competition

Solar Island // 24.09.08 // A speight of poor taste

As well as getting MS paint pictures of the Solar team with angry hardons from you all, we will be having a sweepstake tonight.

The Monolith visited his crack medical team today for a tune-up. Amongst the upgrades to his pun memory bank and shite joke repository; they decided to weigh him.

The answer has now been tattooed onto a part of his body and it will be your job to find it and guess the correct answer.

The winner gets a meal for 2 with The Monolith when he has his ceremonial last ever XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger Supersize meal

Posted at 00:09, 25th September 2008

ms paint competition

Solar Island // 24.09.08 // A speight of poor taste

Last week we enjoyed one listener's visual accompaniment to the show so much that we thought everyone should send in their artwork whilst listening to the show. Get your MS Paint / Photoshop out and post it on the Subcity Forum by commenting on this episode.

Posted at 22:01, 23rd September 2008

black wednesday

Solar Island // 17.09.08 // A sore hard-on

Credit Crunch Hits Jersey Hard as Solar Island forced to postpone ODB concert

That's right, Solar is Back. All your usual nonsense tainted by the Credit Crunch, Mergers, Freshers' Week, Matthew's Sore Hard-on, The Office of Boobs and the return of the UK's favourite peado.

Get your sound-boards ready.

Posted at 17:26, 23rd September 2008

solar at the merchant city festival

That's right, everyone's favorite Solar Island idiots Shaun and Matthew are appearing live at the Tron Theater (bar) on Friday 26th September 2008 as part of the Merchant City Festival.

Obnoxiously loud music for idiots will be played by Shaun, whilst Matthew projects his Visual AIDS onto the walls via a knackered 35mm slide projector. Expect the Pet Shop Boys with pictures of Will Lord.

Free entry for skewsmees from 2200-0100. Everyone else should be at the Research Club for the Subcity Party. Remember this sacrifice they have made: they are guaranteeing no skewsmees at the Subcity night. That is worth a fucking medal.

Posted at 23:31, 10th September 2008

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