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Live Election 2010 Special

Solar Allstars #1 Lord of The Dancehall
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Subcity satirical stalwarts Solar Island gathered round a bank of TVs on election night and spent 4 hours shouting and singing as well as ripping into everyone from James George Hargreaves to tweeting politicians and the BBC's Election music.

Featuring an interview with Churchill, Twitter updates with Stephen Hawkin, live reportage from the Glasgow count, a live performance from the Stupid Idiots, a drinking game and much much more.

7th May 2010
Live Election 2010 Special
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Highlights of this 4 hour broadcast are available to download and listen to in the form of a 28 minute mp3:

Posted at 15:35, 15th May 2010

live election 2010 special

Solar Island , The BBC and Ofcom invite you to tune in to this very special broadcast next Thursday on

As a measure to ensure their coverage of the election results is balanced and meets Ofcom requirements, the BBC have commissioned the UK's finest slackers Solar Island to produce an complementary broadcast to run alongside their mainstream results coverage.

At great expense to the license fee payer the Solar Island team are being given access to the BBC's nationwide network of journalists, news teams and audio feeds to ensure they can bring you al of the results as they happen. Shaun fae Solar and Boaby Digital have also been working with the BBC radiophonic workshop to create the worlds first audio swingometer and virtualised aural parliament.

You can expect live reports from both Solar's own contributors from across the globe as well as special Solar only versions of reports and interviews from BBC studios across the country.

In addition to all of this the Rector of Glasgow University Charles Kennedy and the GURFC have insisted on a drinking game. The rules are currently simple but will no doubt change: For every Labour gain a shot of something red, for a Lib-Dem gain something orange, for a tory gain something which will leave a bad taste in the mouth and just so Alex Salmond doesn't sue, for an SNP gain down a shot of Irn-Bru + Whiskey + Haggis + Tartan + Sean Connery. A bonus shot of Viagra should be taken if Margaret Thatcher appears on screen on the BBC at any time.

See you there, love Solar x

Posted at 21:27, 28th April 2010

no-one has the right not to be offended

Solar will return for a one off special on the 7th May. The code name for the comeback is "no-one has the right not to be offended".

All will be announced over the coming days as to what the fuck is actually going to happen, but it will involve nation-wide on location broadcasting and interviews with some of the countries most recognisable faces.

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Posted at 10:43, 26th April 2010


0h 0m 0s // intro
(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)
Beastie Boys Grand Royal
0h 10m 38s // Where the BBC ripped their new election theme from
0h 13m 15s // Explanation and intro to the drink along at home drinking game and the Human Swigometerâ„¢
Pyramids (Change)
Madlib Stones Throw
0h 25m 25s // First tweet of the night
Are You a Visionary?
the kleptones White Label
0h 40m 0s // Report from Canada with Zoe Killo Grams
I Wanna Be Adored
The Stone Roses Silvertone
0h 50m 18s // More of your tweets
0h 51m 30s // The Monolith makes an Northern Ireland related faux pas
0h 54m 30s // Introduction to our no-platform for tories policy
The Blues are Still Blue
Belle & Sebastian Rough Trade
1h 6m 50s // Interview with Winston Churchill
My Prerogative
Bobby Brown MCA
1h 15m 37s // Twitter catch up with Prof. Stephen Hawking
1h 22m 8s // Kay Burley talks absolute pish for a bit
1h 23m 0s // Michael Crick gets the piss ripped out of him by a member of the ministry of silly walks
1h 27m 10s // Mad Euan aka Statto spots a discrepency in Sky News' stats
It's the End of the World as We Know It
R.E.M. I.R.S
1h 31m 14s // Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath declaration with local nutter Derrik Jackson Land is Power
Paper Planes
MIA Mad Decent
1h 35m 45s // More tweets from the twittersphere
1h 43m 29s // Tooting declaration - 'Yes We Khan'
1h 46m 0s // More of your tweets
So Macho
Sonita Fanfare
1h 50m 38s // Armando Iannucci on the exit polls and the prospect of a hung parliament
1h 53m 6s // BBC blame polling station problems on students turning up without polling cards
1h 54m 36s // Update on former SRC President Tim Shand's performance
Beyond the Sea
Bobby Darin Atco
2h 0m 22s // Threat of legal action arrives from the SNP
Loch Lomond
Runrig Ridge
2h 04m 0s // More from twitter
96 Tears (too much vocal mix)
Question Mark and the Mysterians Cameo Parkway
2h 6m 50s // Glasgow East Declaration
2h 11m 35s // Interview with Nick Griffin
Intelectual (Election Special)
The Stupid Idiots Will Lord's
2h 18m 2s // Mahrooq live via phone from the Glasgow Central declaration in the middle of anti-BNP protests
2h 19m 42s // Mahrooq gives his views on no-platform for facists policies and tackling the BNP
2h 23m 50s // Mad Phil Kennedy tags in to replace Mad Euan in the statto seat
2h 26m 22s // Beep if you think Cameron's a...
Theme from Bergerac
George Fenton BBC
2h 27m 50s // Twitter catch-up (with mics left up in a bigotgate style)
Regulate (Production Unit mix)
Production Unit ft. Warren G White Label
Woo Ha (Jay Dee mix)
Busta Rhymes Elektra
2h 23m 25s // Glasgow North declaration
2h 26m 35s // East Renfrewshire declaration
The Beautiful Occupation
Travis Independiente
2h 41m 35s // Eastleigh declaration
2h 46m 45s // Monolith phones Mahrooq's bird up by mistake and wakes her up out of bed
2h 49m 07s // Solar Island Aural Swingometer, mixed by Shaun fae Solar
Things Can Only Get Better
D:ream Magnet
2h 54m 25s // Twitter update
2h 55m 30s // Witney Declaration
Ghost Town
The Specials Two Tone
3h 4m 50s // Nik of The Stupid Idiots tries and fails to rap over various beats, it quickly becomes apparent that he is steam boats.
3h 11m 5s // Anas Sarwar Interview
3h 12m 35s // Glasgow North East Declaration
3h 14m 15s // D:Ream breakdown remix #2
Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)
The Beach Boys Capitol
3h 17m 44s // Twitter update
3h 19m 46s // Report from Craigton with Gobo
3h 26m 45s // Solar Island Aural Swingometer update
3h 27m 10s // Mahrooq enters the building
3h 28m 20s // Speach from Marc Livingstone Communist Party candidate for Glasgow North West
3h 31m 31s // admition of the reality of the alcohol situation in the studio
3h 33m 48s // Mahrooq gets on the mic to start rhyming
3h 39m 37s // Mahrooq drops a dis about The Office of Dudes
3h 42m 21s // Mahrooq drops a dis about Tommy Sheridan
The Day That Thatcher Dies
Hefner Too Pure
E Is For Evildarkshadowsthatlurkonthedancefloor
Shitmat Planet Mu

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