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Police Brutality

Solar Allstars #1 Lord of The Dancehall
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Solar Island review the footage of the G20 police brutality, rerecord some classic bootybass in the style of The Broons and perform a live play of T in the Park romance. Add to this matthew's trapeze routine to Haddaway's 'What is Love' and you have Solar Gold.

7th May 2010
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Police Brutality
25th March 2009
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Solar Island // 2200-0000 08.04.09

"am no shittin his cum all over the floor"

Here's a comment from a listener called Ciaran:

"This was a great episode, it had me in stitches throughout. The Broons booty house was good. The bit where Matthew actually trapezed into the studio to Haddaway - What is Love? was inspired. The play-along-at-home quiz "Are You a Metropolitan Police Officer?" was great too. The end bit with the scuse me and Davey at T in the Park was so emotional. Matthew's squeaking tears were so realistic. "A hope they porta laveys arney overflowing, am no shittin his cum all over the floor."

Posted at 11:08, 14th April 2009


Get Off
Diplo ft. DJ Blaqstarr Mad Decent
Paris Paris
TTC Institubes
Various tracks
DJ Funk Dance Mania
Quand je claque des doigts
TTC Institubes
Office Boy (CSS Remix)
Bonde do RolĂȘ Domino
Steroids (Mr Oizo remix)
Mr Oizo Ed Banger
Office Boy (brodinski remix)
Bonde do RolĂȘ Mad Decent
Push It
Salt 'N' Pepa London
Pourriture X
Mr Oizo Ed Banger
The Testament Of Dr Mabuse
Sticky K Dubsided
Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats remix)
AC Slater La Musique Fait La Force
Heads Up!
Sound of Stereo Lektroluv
What is Love?
Haddaway Coconut
Must be a Devil
Diplo Mad Decent
DJ Tameil Dress 2 Sweat
Wassup Wassup (DJ Sega Remix)
Diplo Mad Decent
Get Silly
DJ Tameil Dress 2 Sweat
Work Me
Sammy Bananas Mad Decent
All Skate
Moves!!! Dress 2 Sweat
Ultravox Chrysalis
Heaven 17 Virgin
Moves!!! Dress 2 Sweat

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