She Said

1800-2000 01.10.11

small scale collisions exclusive!!!

You will not forget the first time you encounter Small Scale Collisions in real time. Their music resonates with pulses of energy and sound form, with sparkling tones sometimes apparent, occasionally implied. Words can be spoken whilst carefully crafted imagery focuses the stare. There is a very real sense of something new, urgent and compelling.

It is indeed a privilege that Gary and Ant will bless She Said with some material recorded exclusively for the show. We await their sounds, their words and their insight with a gently drawn breath.


Posted at 19:43, 25th September 2011


All That's Left Has Gone To Sleep
Envy Rock Action
Cretin Hop
Ramones Sire
Jesus Was A Terrorist
Jello Biafra with nomeansno Alternative Tentacles
Love Is Happiness
Icarus Line JVC
Throwing Muses 4AD
As The Crow Flies
The Advisory Circle Ghost Box
This Heat Rough Trade
You Need Satan More Than He Needs You
Future of the Left Too Pure
Four Tet Fabric
Audience No.2
Autolux ATP
Enough Of Your Shite (live)
Small Scale Collisions live
My Education
Citizens Wolf Among Wolves
Second Chance
Punch Assault
Cloaks 3by3
Pruitt Igoe (alva noto remodel)
Kangding Ray Rasternoton
The Fall Beggar's Banquet
What Monsters Continue Their Lives In My Depths?
Opaque Kovorox
Feather Of Forgiveness
Polvo Touch and Go
Harmony In Blue Ill
Tim Hecker Kranky

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