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She Said

1900-2100 12.09.09

punk rock in yer face!!!

Well not just punk rock you understand, She Said brings you all forms of noisiness, sleaziness and just about the finest array of guests on Subcity!! So having spent our alleged summer gathering our strength and experiencing all sorts of musical adventures, it's time to hit the airwaves once more with a newly expanded 2 hour show and a promise to bring you the very best in local and not so local noisiness and Glasgow's finest alternative gig guide.

You will be aroused.


Posted at 16:44, 11th September 2009


She Said
Scratch Acid Touch & Go
The End Of Radio
Shellac Touch & Go
Sieve-Fisted Find
Fugazi Dischord
Urban II
Grozny Winning Sperm Party
Richard of Solerno
Grozny Winning Sperm Party
Keanu Reef
That Fucking Tank Gringo
Jesus a Pardu son Lizard
Gatechien Milk Pack
The Shy Retirer
Arab Strap ASC
Sleater-Kinney Kill Rock Stars
Sweet Love For Planet Earth
Fuck Buttons ATP
Le Singe Blanc Reben
Mountain Energei
The Fall Action
Down In The Street
The Stooges Elektra
Like To Get To Know You Well
Atomized Kovorox
Remember Me
Lucky Luke Unknown
United Fruit She Said
Danny Glover Isn't Dead
Bronto Skylift Dinorawk
Flash Gordon
Vom At War With False Noise
People Talk
Die Die Die Too Pure
Zu Ipecac
unknown artist One Louder Track
Nothing To Me
Yo La Tengo Matador
Tragic Carpet Ride
Polvo Merge

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